Moovy’s charging policy has changed in September

Moovy has switched from monthly charging to event-specific charging.

In September, the monthly charging policy of the Moovy parking app has been replaced with an event-specific daily charging policy. Previously, parking was charged to the payment card as a total monthly sum, with all the parking events of the previous month charged at the same time. The change will not apply to the monthly fees for contract parking. Processing of payments will become faster and more secure. The change will not require any action from Moovy customers.

What has changed?

  • Moovy has switched to event-specific charging, which has replaced the previous, monthly charging policy. Parking and service fees will be charged faster, typically on the day following the parking.
  • The change will not apply to the monthly fees for contract parking, which will continue to be charged once a month.
  • There have been no changes to individual service fees, but the payment ceiling was adjusted in September from €4.95 to €4.90. Moovy’s service fee is €0.49 per paid parking event. The payment ceiling for service fees is € 4.90 / user / payment card per calendar month. When the payment ceiling is reached, no service fees will be added to the following parkings in that month.

Why has it changed?

  • As the number of parking events and facilities grows, the processing of payments can be made faster and more secure. The change will enable connecting other ancillary services to the Moovy application in the future.

When has it changed?

  • Users were transferred under the new policy gradually, starting 12 September. All users will have been transferred by the end of September.

What has been charged to me?

  • August parking events, including service fees, has been charged 1 September.
  • Starting 12 September, we have gradually transfered customers under the new charging policy. All subsequent charges will be for parking events of September.
    • If you have parked in September before being transferred under the new policy, you have been charged for those events at the time of transfer. Each event will be charged separately.
  • After the transfer, all parking events, service fees included, will be charged separately, typically on the day following the parking.

Unable to add or change your payment card?

  • Check that online payment from your card is allowed. The online purchase limit should be large enough and recurring charges from the same service provider allowed.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the app and try again.
  • If updating the app did not help and you still cannot add or change your card, please contact our customer service.


  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the app.
  • Add your e-mail address to your details in the Moovy app to get a receipt automatically in your e-mail when charged.
  • You can deactivate the automatic sending of receipts from the settings (select My account & settings, tap the Settings tab and select Email receipts).
  • You can download receipts for individual parking events in PDF format directly from the app (Open a parking event under the Parking & subscriptions section and select Download receipt at the bottom).
  • The monthly payment summary can be downloaded in PDF format directly from the app (above the parking events under Parking & subscriptions, select Download payment summary). The payment summary contains all charges for the selected month.
  • If you have added two different cards in the app, such as a personal card and a company card, and you have accidentally used the wrong card for parking, you can still change cards after the parking event. Now you just have to remember to do it within one day of the parking, before being charged. After you have been charged for the parking, changing the card will no longer be possible.