Parking conditions

Conditions of parking in a barrierless location

  1. Parking is subject to a charge 24/7, unless stated otherwise at the location.
  2. Parking is permitted in designated parking spaces only.
  3. The registration number of the vehicle will be recognized upon entering and exiting. The parking fee is determined by the actual parking time.
  4. Payment methods:
    1. Moovy application: Parking fee will be automatically charged. License plate camera recognition should be enabled when the Moovy application is used as the payment method.
    2. Other parking applications: Parking fee will be automatically charged. Locate and activate parking with the application.
    3. Pay station: Before you exit, pay the parking fee using a payment card.
    4. Electronic payment: Pay the parking fee within 48 hours of exiting at:

      If the parking fee is not paid using any of the payment methods mentioned above, a payment reminder will be mailed based on the vehicle’s registration number (a reminder fee is added to the payment reminder).

  5. Failure to comply with the parking conditions can lead to a parking fine and/or towing of the vehicle, which the owner will pay and be responsible for.
  6. Park at your own risk.
  7. By parking, you accept these conditions.